The Making of a Brand 

Vigo is a distinctive luxury brand created for individuals seeking to wear customized handmade elegance while delivering quality into every stitch. Using only the finest fabrics, Vigo’s selection is based upon durability, comfort, and history of the fabric.

Established in March of 2015, couple Joris Duval and Aaliyah Picanso agreed to intertwine their creative ideas for luxury and quality design while sitting in a bustling café on Vigo Street, London.  Both obsessed with vintage and timeless pieces, they decided it was time to deliver their unique taste of style to other trendsetters, capable of demonstrating the brand identity of independence, sophistication, and grace. 

Red, white, and blue are the chosen colors that represent Vigo, as they are colors of both Parisian tailor Joris, and New York designer, Aaliyah.