"Why is it so hard for women to find tailors?" This was the question that designer Aaliyah Picanso asked Parisian tailor Joris Duval as they exited the famed Savile Row in London. Their conversation continued, and quickly overflowed with ideas on a bustling cafe on Vigo Street, in London. In a clear and definitive decision, both Joris and Aaliyah knew that they wanted to expand their creative universe to others. It was there that the New York designer and Parisian tailor decided to combine their artistic forces to recreate and modernize the concept of personalized tailoring for women. 

The couple began their project by finding and creating a space in which their artistic energies would be able to flow and intertwine. After several months of research on how to bring their ideas to life, the couple gave birth to the first model of the brand, known as La Haussmann. In an unanticipated response, women around the world celebrated Vigo's work and artistic abilities, eventually encouraging the brand to continue with their vision. 

While designing an image for the brand, both Picanso and Duval wanted to maintain a classic and elegant look, while incorporating modern glamor found in women. Using iconic examples, their signature skirt collection connected with many women and in result, launched the success of the brand. Vigo Paris is celebrated not only for their pieces, but for being one of the few tailors that specializes in luxury bespoke womenswear. All pieces are handmade in their Parisian atelier, inviting clients to come and witness the process of their couture pieces come to life. 

Today, the brand continues to proudly serve a private clientele wishing to invest in her personal style, true quality, and comfort.