Vigo's couture pieces are handmade using traditional techniques by our French tailor. All couture pieces are made from start to finish in our New York atelier that require various fittings. The process of constructing your piece uses a combination of your style along with that of that of the brand. 



The first step in creating your couture piece is deciding whether you would like an existing model or a new model altogether. Should you wish a new model, the designer of Vigo will sketch several sample models that match both your personal style and the image of the maison.



Once a model has been decided upon, the fun begins. Choosing your fabric provides you with the liberty to decide the color and texture of your piece. The maison holds a strict policy and does not use unnatural or synthetic fabrics for any of the pieces. Fabrics are specially selected and researched to your desire, ensuring that you not only have comfort but true quality. Examples of fabrics that are offered but not limited to are: pure cashmere, linen, mohair, vicuna, wool, and silk. 



After a fabric is chosen, fittings will be made according to your schedule. The first fitting is done in a plain white cloth fabric that is a mock-up of the final piece. This allows us to draw directly upon the fabric and make any further corrections before actually assembling the piece. 

After this is finalized, your piece takes form and comes to life. The average couture piece takes approximately 25-30 hours, depending upon desired details. We often recommend two to three fittings during the construction of your couture piece, allowing us to secure a perfect fit. 

After the final fitting, the piece is finished within 1 to 2 days.