It all started when…

We asked ourselves a fundamental question, "Why is it so hard for women to find tailors?". While exploring this question, it wasn't that there was a lack of tailors in the world, just a lack of curiosity for new techniques and feminine designs. That led both founders of Vigo to explore complex ideas on intertwining the masculine world of bespoke tailoring and the feminine world of couture. In that that moment, both individuals decided to combine their artistic forces to recreate and modernize the concept of bespoke tailoring for women, adding touches of handmade artisanship and aesthetic tones of femininity. Through extended months of research and conceptual design, Vigo Paris was born. 

Vigo Paris is a luxury bespoke couture brand specializing in pieces that correspond to the morphology and particularized demands of each individual client. We are the "anti-fashion", "anti-mass-production" brand that aims to provide a platform in which women are able to have exactly what they want, how they want it. From deciding a base design, to choosing a personalized fabric, and participating in various fittings to guarantee a perfect fit, the entire process is designed to fix the problems women discover in everyday fashion. 

While deciding upon an image for the brand, both founders aimed to express the strong and fearless modern woman, overflowing with glamor, poise, and elegance. Studying the structure of iconic examples in vintage Parisian couture and haute-couture, Vigo's first capsule collection comprised the allure of a Parisian woman and the grace of classic couture. This vision is carried out through all of our capsule collections and work, aiming to produce enticing designs for the classic, yet modern woman. 

Today you can find us producing in our New York atelier, providing international clients with a collaborative blend between bespoke tailoring and couture.