the brooklyn

The BROOKLYN is a hybrid mix between men's formal trousers and the elegance of a woman. The silk detail on each side of the short is a nod to the sartorial elegance of menswear tuxedo trousers, while the lace detail adds femininity and allure. Worn formally or casually, the accentuated silk bow in the front ties the piece together and redefines the meaning of tuxedo wear for women. Using a wool kid mohair, the versatility of this piece is left to the imagination of it's wearer.     


One day, someone visited the Vigo Paris atelier, and during a lively discussion surrounding garments for women this individual suggested, "Vigo should consider creating jeans". Jeans? This of course was a great challenge for the maison, strictly because the traditional idea of jeans is "casual", a word not often associated with Vigo. With great research and many sketches, the founders of Vigo finalized upon a design and reinvented the standard "jean". Using the highest quality of jean-like fabric that incorporates a blend of pure cotton and silk, one cannot really classify this piece as a jean, or a trouser, but somewhere in-between. By using a high-waisted design with a built-in belt system, this piece redefines the traditional concept of the jean and was a great challenge, and success, for Vigo Paris.